Don't work another exhausting hour slaving away, sacrificing your life until you've had the Ultimate Money Reset.

EVEN IF you don't have it all together and you're a workaholic who barely allows yourself an hour.

Imagine what you can achieve ...

Galina wants you to know ...

Are you:

  • Ready to Ditch Your Limiting Money Story and Make More Money, Work Less and Live Free™?
  • A high-achieving woman leader who yearns to have more fun, more time & check off dreams from your Bucket List before it's too late to finally live Every Day in your birthright of a sustainable Financial Security and Freedom.
  • Tired of being tired, over serving and under earning?
  • Wanting to STOP self sabotaging your wealth, health and happiness and START enjoying a thriving business and personal life filled with wealth, health and happiness?
  • Imagining a better life for you and your loved ones, beyond what you can even imagine - an easier way to fulfill your purpose with passion, and feel like you have contributed?
  • Craving to Sustainably SCALE your conscious business, make an IMPACT AND
    have a life you LOVE on your terms?
  • Burning with desire to TRAVEL to your heart's content, enjoy more quality ME TIME and time with loved loves, and GIVE BACK more to people who need your help?

AND you (not so) secretly dream of your Happy Place where you:

Ten beautiful young women, walking hand in hand.


Realize that you know you were made for more than always grinding and hustling, and yet staying stuck. You are ready to break out of your comfort zone to say YES to possibilities that serve you and are chasing you everywhere you go and say NO to distractions and time wasters.

Finally make the IMPACT that is your birthright. Touching the lives of others who so desperately needs your gifts and are waiting for you to step up.

Do not go it alone like a Lone Ranger, doing everything by yourself in isolation.

Feel wonderful and safe in your posse of a like-minded Sisterhood community
that lifts you up, supports you, has your back, celebrates your wins and always wants the best for you.

Connect with your clients who have been waiting for you, need you, and depend on you for them to fulfill their purpose. They treasure you and you treasure them. We are all connected and matter.

Spa luxury relax room two beautiful women lying on sun-beds


Often check items off your BUCKET LIST!

Savor ME time, spend quality time with loved ones, relax, exercise, and pamper. Actively CHOOSE your secure financial freedom that is Priceless.
Scale your business so that you finally stop trading hours for dollars, working too hard and feeling like you are missing out on your life. A place where the grind and hustle are a distant memory replaced by ease, flow, confidence, abundance, cooperation and collaboration. Opportunities for expansion and impact come to you like bees to honey. Are ready, willing and able to build an "Oprah-worthy" business with multiple income streams so that you can be highly profitable while choosing to live the life you truly deserve on your terms. Can you say, I'm tired of playing small and I'm ready to play the big game that I am destined to play? Have a proven, repeatable system which you implement over and over again to grow your business to beyond 6 figures! Rinse and repeat ...

Holiday retro woman with magic stars in her hands. Christmas


Are comfortable being wealthy. The Life you Crave, the Relationships you Want, and the Health you need are all fueled by the business you build AND that business is fueled by you being COMFORTABLE making money, after you reset your false money beliefs, limiting decisions, and dysfunctional behaviors back to your naturally super-charged abundance.

Reprogram your Mind, Heart, and Body
back to health and this opens the doors to True Wealth.

Uplevel all areas of your life because the same program that creates Wealth also determines Health, Relationships, Spirituality, Personal Development and Career.

Get to travel to your heart's content, enjoy quality ME time and time with loved ones, and give back in meaningful ways to worthwhile causes. You get to give away some of your wealth knowing that you will always have more than enough!

Giddy up girls, it's time to enjoy the ride of your life!

Just imagine if you could:

  • Make more money, work less and live free™
  • Scale your business easily and have fun doing it
  • Live the life of your dreams and make a meaningful impact helping others
  • Travel to your heart's content, give back in ways that really matter, spend more quality time with loved ones, and have more me time
  • Laugh more, love more, smile more, and play more
  • Wake up every morning feeling like you are on vacation, fully of energy, curiosity and enthusiasm - excited to discover what wonderful things are going to happen

That's where I come in to help you...

Olympia Head Shot gold jacket aquamarine necklace LIFT

Hi! I'm Olympia Hostler, MBA, The Queen Of Wealth

I help high-achieving women leaders check items off their Bucket List as they finally live their birthright of a secure and freedom-filled financial future and the health, wealth and happiness that comes with it.

I’m here to help you eradicate self-sabotaging money blocks that are holding you back from your greatness and destiny.  I also help you rewrite your limiting money story into a love story with a happy ending, as you make friends with money so that you can easily become wealthy and scale your business. I empower women to reconnect with their innate Feminine Money Superpowers. Once women unleash their money super powers, wealth shows up in a steady flow and in more ways they could have imagined.  Next level wealth becomes easy and joyous.

With over 35 years of prosperity leadership in corporate, government and entrepreneur sector experience, I love my work helping ambitious women who want to make more money, work less, and live free™.

I designed the Mind Over Money Makeover program to help high-achieving, 6-figure women realize their wealth potential by “resetting” their intellectual, emotional, and physical experience of money to their most naturally profitable mindset, bodyset and heartset.  From my life experience, I learned the high cost of scarcity programming, lack mentality and poor self care practiced by the majority of the world’s “Top Ten Percent” of high-performing women leaders. 

I have devoted my life to creating and teaching “The Complete Recipe” for having money on demand with the certainty and confidence to know that they will always have more money.  Having that recipe addresses women’s overworking, under earning and over serving at the core source and gives them a reset to allow them to create ever flowing sustainable wealth that is waiting for them.

My mission is to live in a world where 7-figure, happy women are common.
Are you with me?


People know, like, and trust me because ...

  • I have made six to seven figures consistently since the 1980s and have owned 5 successful businesses.
  • I was responsible for contracts, budgets and schedules for a $3 Billion National security program and the second-largest Military program ever.
  • I’ve been where you are.  I get it.  I’ve struggled and hustled; over worked, under earned and over served; sacrificed myself and relationships; and negatively affected my health.  I understand your situation, your infinite possibilities and how to help you get there. Together we can go further.
  • Since the age of 33, I was a corporate executive while leading teams of up to 50 people bringing in more than $50 Million in sales.  I also have a perfect record winning 50 of 50 proposals worth more than $40 Million.
  • I was selected to be President and Broker of Record in a $1,500,000 Real Estate joint venture (JV) partnership with CBS Television, a Fortune 500 company, in New York City.
  • I created and still own a successful  Natural Health and Healing company that has helped 1,000s of people heal from pain and trauma, and given them back their active, happy lives.   
  • I became a Million-dollar top-producer in my second year of real estate brokering and started my own company.
  • Within four years in my Importing business I had an unheard of 1,000+ customers.
  • In 20 years, I have created and owned five successful companies in the following industries: Business Consulting and Marketing, Real Estate Brokering and Investing, International Importing and Sales, and Natural Health and Healing.
  • I earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and graduated in Electronic Business from UCLA.
  • I have been a college professor and also managed corporate training programs.
  • My Business Success and Profit Maximizer column is published in 35 newspapers and 3 magazines.
  • I am a Master Certified Practitioner in Success Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming, Reiki Master, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique and Timeline Techniques. 
  • I am a certified yoga and meditation teacher.
  • I care deeply about people and our planet. My purpose is to empower others to thrive while being their happy, authentic self.

And that's why I created this proprietary program for you to
UPLEVEL your Business and Life!

Introducing ...

Women choose wealth's
Mind Over Money Makeover

"The ultimate Money reset"

The Complete Solution for Having Surplus MONEY, TIME, and FREEDOM to Stop Money Struggles and Self Sabotage and Start Finally Make More Money, Work Less, and Live Free as you Check off your bucket list IN just 7 weeks EVEN IF you don’t have it all together and you’re a workaholic who barely allows yourself an hour.

Ooooh, Let's look inside ... What's included?

Module 1:

  • Mind, Body and Heart are the deep-rooted sources of money blocks, false beliefs, limiting decisions, harmful behaviors, stuck emotions and less-than-desirable RESULTS. Permanent change must happen here - at the source of our thoughts, actions and results.
  • Becoming aware of what is holding you back and keeping you from your money is a prerequisite to changing your future so you can live your dreams, be comfortable making money, receiving it, keeping it, investing it and sustainably making more of it. Rinse, repeat.
  • Your self-sabotaging, inner programming that is holding you back and keeping you small is not your fault. It’s time to take out the trash and return to your original factory settings where all is well and anything is possible. Learn the Heart of Money Mastery.​
  • Your money programs, beliefs, thoughts, behaviors and results are not your fault and are easily reset to optimal settings.
  • Change your mind, body and heart to change your money, life and business!

Module 2:

  • Spoiler alert - you are blocking your money. Identify the specifics of what’s limiting and blocking you at the root-cause sources in your mind, body and heart. ​
  • Taking mental and physical inventory starts to loosen the grip on your blocks.
  • Understanding how to meet your NON-NEGOTIABLE ESSENTIAL human needs and shift away from detrimental programming, patterns, and habits begins your journey to making more money, working less and living free™.
  • You don't know what you don't know. Eradicate Self-Sabotage Money Blind Spots at all their secret sources.
  • The "You May Be A Money Blocker If ...." section is a favorite for students to get crystal clear on how they are blocking their money.

Module 3:

  • How you do money is how you do life™!  The same programming that creates your money blocks also affects ALL other aspects of life: Relationships, Business, Money, Health, Spirituality, and Personal Growth.  
  • Learning what is true and what is a lie about money may shock you. What’s really going to bake your noodle is how easy it is to change your reality and to tune into and listen, and trust your infallible GPS that takes all the guesswork out of money and decision making. ​
  • Cultivating and practicing gratitude becomes second nature. Discovering the ins and outs of Money will leave you knowing how your internal environment creates and affects your external reality.
  • To top it off, you will most likely find that you are in good company when I reveal the top four womens' Money Blocks and how you are holding yourself back from playing the bigger game you are meant to play.
  • You are dressed for success on the OUTSIDE, while on the INSIDE you are in the dark, alone in a room full of people, disconnected from your resources and your people. AND you cannot see what is happening under your nose!

Module 4:

  • You are naturally a Super Woman with Feminine Money Super Powers, wired for wild wealth, and the master controller of your wealth. The key is to reconnect to your super powers that have been with you all along. Once ignited, your wealth shows up in a steady flow, in ways you could not have imagined, and gives you a distinct advantage in the money manifesting realm.
  • Returning to your natural, unadulterated self where all is well and there are endless possibilities is a pure joy! Welcome home to your warm and fuzzy original factory settings where you
  • This is the good stuff where you undo years of detrimental programming, and get to be you again. You remember, that person deep inside of your core who is full of joy, hope, and love. That person for whom things come easily and naturally. It feels like everything you touch turns to gold.
  • Have fun training your brain with state-of-the-art brain science as you reconnect to your all-knowing internal INFALLIBLE GPS - your WOMAN'S INTUITION. From here on, you get to TAKE THE GUESSWORK OUT OF MONEY AND DECISION MAKING.
  • Breathing in money is the natural feminine quality of Receiving. Learn how to live in the feminine and have the masculine available on demand. Life just got a whole lot easier now that you got this straightened out!

Module 5:

  • Think of this as your operating manual, showing you how to breakthrough money blocks that once seemed daunting - or that you were blind to. Your mind, body and heart are now ready to be fully aligned again. Your pricing will also attract your ideal clients be lucrative.
  • Learn how to price your services and products to reflect the value that they deliver and to be in alignment with your values. Then you will sell will ease and your services and products will practically sell themselves.
  • Detox false beliefs, move stuck emotions, re decide limiting decisions, and upgrade behaviors - all to work in your favor. Rewrite your limiting money story to be a love story that will forever upgrade your relationship with money to be your BFF. You and money are now partners working together in your best interest.
  • Become a card-carrying member of the Savvy Success Sisterhood Tribe where you get to receive and give support so we can all rise together - It Takes a Village, Be a Villager.
  • Resources for your success are all around you, there for the asking. Learn how to effortlessly ask for what you want and need – and get it. Also discover how easily you can connect with the exact resources you need to thrive.

Module 6:

  • You get to map out your life and business just the way you have always wanted.
  • Now that you have reprogrammed your thoughts, behavior and habits back to factory settings and your infallible GPS is guiding you, the sky is a stepping stone for you. So go ahead and dream big as you bring your wishes to life.
  • Time to grow into and claim your power. Taking action is almost effortless as you can smell, taste, feel, see and hear success that is already yours for the receiving.
  • You get to decide what you will do, how you will do it, with whom you will do it, and when it happens. Yippee!

Module 7:

  • Wow, you’ve made it, go ahead and shake your money maker and dance, dance, dance! With your full power back online it’s as if you make money on demand. Life is easy and balanced.
  • You have the confidence and certainty that you can always make money when you want or need it.
  • You know that you can be trusted with money and that you do good things to serve others with your money. You get to integrate and celebrate your new normal state of being of Complete and True Wealth.
  • As you move forward and upward, you are empowered, connected, resourced, and fulfilled with no limits. You can be, do and have what your heart desires.

Remember these Exclusive Bonuses ...


  • Sets you up for even more success, even faster
  • Together, we lovingly identify your top pain points & obstacles that need to change ASAP!
  • Supercharging you to receive and absorb the lessons


  • Four laser-focused sessions: 1 on 1 with Olympia. You will be amazed at how much we can do in these sessions
  • Get ready to change the way you look at things and you will change the way they look
  • Together, we do the change work that you so desperately need to live your life on your terms and check things off your BUCKET LIST


  • Once you have Taken Out the TRASH and reprogrammed your false beliefs, limiting decisions, and stuck emotions you are now all set up for SUCCESS that has been waiting for you. You are ready to reevaluate how you do business, how quickly you make money, and to decide what you really want out of your life and business
  • Together we strategize the new direction and results that are now available for you and how to realize them in the easiest way possible
  • Welcome to the place where anything is possible and all is well. Life is a restaurant, order what you want, the way you want it, when you want it!

3 High-Net Worth Sessions - 3 Months AFTER

  • This is your Phone-a-Friend, lifeline opportunity, and you get three of them
  • Once per month for the three months after the program completion, we meet to discuss and strategize what's working, what's not working, and what else needs to change for you to have your life and business THRIVE, be WEALTHY and HEALTHY
  • I got your back on this! I'm here for you as you soar with the eagles

Feel Free to Choose Your Secure Financial Future
by Joining us Now for this Limited Time Offer

class starts JANUARY 21, 2020 and the following Fast Action bonuses end in:


$ 997 3 monthly payments = $2,991
  • 7 Weeks Group Coaching
  • 7 Q&A Calls
  • Savvy Success Sisterhood Private FB Support & Connection Group
  • Discounted Membership to Join our Women's Wealth Accelerator Community
  • 1 Private Session with Olympia



$ 1997 $500 discount --was $2,497
  • 7 Weeks Group Coaching
  • 7 Q&A Calls
  • Savvy Success Sisterhood Private FB Support & Connection Group
  • Discounted Membership to Join our Women's Wealth Accelerator Community
  • 1 Private Session with Olympia
  • Free To Be Me & Free My Business Executive Session Bonus



You Know Who You Are
$ 9997
  • 7 Weeks 1 on 1 Private Coaching
  • 7 Private Q&A Sessions with Olympia
  • Savvy Success Sisterhood Private FB Support & Connection Group
  • Discounted Membership to Join our Women's Wealth Accelerator Community
  • 3 High-Net Worth Sessions for 3 Months After Program
  • Business Executive Strategy Session Bonus

How will this work for me ...?

This is not for you if ...

  • You want to do nothing and hope things change or do all the wrong things and hope things change
  • You are comfortably uncomfortable with your status quo comfort zone that is keeping you small and restricted inside your self-imposed box of money struggles, stress, and worries
  • You blame other people, things and circumstances for your life, business, and money struggles
  • Do not commit the time (about 5 hours/week) and energy to get your life-changing and business-upleveling results
  • You have never owned a business
  • You are currently making less than $50,000 per year or struggling to make ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck
  • Are unwilling to ditch your will-power, wishful thinking, and affirmation addiction that are keeping you stuck
  • You aren't ready to invest in yourself to practically guarantee that you will Make More Money, Work Less and Live Free™

This is for you if ...

  • You are ready to change your money, life and future
  • Are ready to STOP Playing SMALL and START CHOOSING to Play BIG, living in your BIRTHRIGHT of WEALTH in all areas of life (Money, Relationships, Health, Personal Growth, Career, and Spirituality)
  • Already have some success and traction in your business, yet you know that you are destined for more
  • Transitioning from being a corporate leader to being an entrepreneur
  • Know in your heart that you are meant for more impact, ease, happiness, and harmony
  • You are soooo tired of over working, over serving and under earning and you realize that, with this program, you have the missing link for you to STOP Playing SMALL and to START Playing BIG right now
  • You FINALLY want to get off the never-ending Hamster Wheel that has kept you stuck, frustrated and busy distracting from your true purpose and impact for way too long


What My Clients Want you to Know ...

I doubled my income and halved the amount of hours I work – which is truly miraculous to me. It’s a big, big deal to have so much more money and time to spend with those I love!

In this fourth week of the class, I wrote three $50,000 proposals. Previously, the largest proposal I ever wrote was $10,000.  Before this class, I did not believe that I could write a proposal for or get a $50,000 client.  I got two of those clients.  Now, I frequently write large dollar proposals and win them.  That would have never happened if I had not taken this class.

The problem with most practical wealth building programs (those that involve investing, or salary negotiation, or changing a business model) is that the individual (in this case, me!) applies those principles on top of a shaky money foundation – the deep conviction that money is “hard to get” and particularly “hard to get for me.”

So we need a mindset program – but so many of those address the problem on a very surface level:
affirmations, “miracle mindset” meditations, and wealth visualization. Olympia’s Mind Over Money Mindset Makeover addresses the “virus of scarcity” on a very deep level – all three levels of our thinking, feeling, and behavior – plus she has the business shark smarts to help us make practical choices as we start returning
to our “natural” state of possibility and powerful abundance. 

Ellen Melko Moore,

“Olympia helped me think about creating different kinds of income that were outside my private practice that could really help me balance my life and work. I doubled my income within the first year, I also gained the confidence and courage to continue doing what I wanted to do which is to help people in my daily practice. I had no idea how many barriers were in the way of my success. I can say this for working with her, we overcame a lot of them, and it was easier than I would have ever been able to do by myself.

 I also wasn’t aware of how much of my own internal barriers were in the way of my success that I knew I could enjoy.  I found out that I wasn’t emotionally and mentally ready to charge what I knew I was worth deep inside and I was also kind of afraid of success itself.  I know it’s a little bit of a paradox, but I really value my family life and my work-life balance and I was afraid that if my practice really took off that I would lose that balance that I so deeply wanted.

 I thought I needed a lot of help with learning how to network, how to budget, how to really charge what I was worth in this country, but it ended up what I also needed her help with was a part of me I didn’t even know existed.  There was a part of me that was afraid of success, and was also afraid of failure and a part that wasn’t feeling worthy enough for what I was putting out into the world. Exploring these deep patterns, Olympia really helped me shift my money mindset.  We were able to start matching the inside with what was outside so I could be more  authentic, and  bring my gifts into the world and so that I could charge what I was really, really worth and feel comfortable with it.

I learned how to budget. I learned how to network. I learned how to charge what I was worth and be very happy and comfortable with it.  I didn’t have to sacrifice my family life or my work life balance. I came to a place of happiness and contentment. Olympia also helped me build confidence for the future, knowing that if I ever come up against the barrier again, I can always lean on her for support. If you have a business that is not thriving the way that you know it can, I highly encourage you to take a step forward and do what I did for myself – get the support that you need so that a year or two from now you can look back and you can see, like me, that you probably doubled or tripled your income and that you are really happy with the quality of work you’re putting out into the world.  You are also very happy that you gave this gift to yourself.

I highly recommend working with Olympia. It’s been an amazing experience and I am so much better for doing this for myself, for my work, and for my mission in this world.  

Galina Denzel,

I love, love, love the results I get from working with Olympia!  My income doubled within the first six months. I had lost my gift for easy financial success and listening to my intuition. 

I was unnecessarily struggling and suffering.  I was disconnected from my intuition and myself.  After working so hard and feeling like I was still in the same place spinning my wheels, I had low energy, motivation and confidence. 

When I started working with Olympia there was such a big shift.  I began to see things differently and my experiences and relationship with money have shifted to a loving, safe and trusted relationship. My new place of wealth and prosperity is easy and flowing, without me working so hard like I used to work. My wealth works for me.  

I feel worthy, confident and free, and the money keeps showing up.  I am so grateful. Thank you, thank you, Olympia.”

Barbara Luksa, Happy Home Cleaning

If you want to make more money, do great things with it, and have a life you love, you need Olympia to help you and your business thrive. I spent a lot of money on courses and books and this program was by far the most effective and most positively life-changing. 

She got to the core of how my relationship with and beliefs about money that were holding me back. She’s a game changer! 

I no longer worry about making money. Now I feel safe and confident that money comes to me and supports me to fulfill my purpose, positively impact the lives of others, and give back to women who need a helping hand. I know that she deeply cares about me as a person. 

She empowered me in the way that I needed. It’s as if she has a magic wand – honing into my needs and giving me precisely what I needed. I now thrive, feel confident and powerful as I lead my business to the next level.

Nancy Veldeman, Chef Consultant

Expect great things because they are coming when you work with Olympia. I recouped my investment within 3 months. I had almost given up on my business because I was unsustainably working so hard and long hours, sacrificing my health and time with me and my family. 

I’ve accomplished more in 1 year than I did in five years of working alone,  which was like the blind leading the blind.  I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I did not realize how much I was holding myself back. 

When I started working with her I was already making good money, the hard way!  Lots of resistance, will power, struggle and hard work.  It has allowed my business to work for me instead of me working for my business. 

I love being connected with my Feminine Money Super Powers!  I feel invincible and powerful.  Now the perfect clients I have always wanted flock to me. 

Heather Reed, Healthy Ways Coaching

I didn’t know what I didn’t know and needed someone who has been through this to lovingly guide me and support me throughout the process. Oly has taken me beyond every mindset block that has limited my self-worth, confidence, and income. She is an incredibly gifted business advisor, as well as, an accomplished healer and leader. With her guidance, I now charge what I and my program are worth and I feel great about it. It’s higher than I had imagined I could charge until I realized that I am worth it and I give massive value to give people their lives back – which is PRICELESS!

The thing that ultimately transformed my money was when I reset my own nervous system by resetting the 3 sources of my harmful programming: my mind, body and my heart.  Oly showed me that my problems with money were stored not just in my mind, but my body and in my heart. Other prosperity programs stopped at mindset, Olympia’s program involves a reset of the whole integrated system.  Because of working with Oly, I have found the confidence to complete my own health program and to market it! Before working with Oly, this is something I wanted to do for years but I didn’t have the motivation, feel deserving worthwhile, like I was important enough, that I knew enough to share my own ideas to stick with it. I have great respect for Olympia’s knowledge, wisdom, expertise in all healing modalities, her experience and determination.

Sue Ann Stelfox,

“I doubted whether I was going to ever be able to have a comfortable life free from constant money worries, let alone one filled with joy, awesome relationships, traveling, and giving back to worthwhile causes. I now feel relaxed about money, and confident that my new loving relationship with money supports me to thrive. I make more money, work less and have a heartfelt sense of freedom. I’m healthier and able to exercise more and treat myself more. I honor and treasure myself more and take better care of myself.  I spend more quality time with my loved ones, and I have substantially more energy. Within the first three months, I have doubled the number of clients I have and raised my prices to reflect my true value.

Roberta  McConnelly, Dog Trainer Extraordinaire

From the moment I met Olympia I knew I had met someone very special, who would change my life.  She had a genuine desire to help me come back home to me, to my healthiest place ever, and to this day, I know that she will always be there to support me on my journey. To celebrate all my successes and to encourage me when I am at a crossroads.  I can relate to Olympia on so many levels. We’ve had corporate careers, been on our spiritual journeys and have come back from physical and emotional experiences that were, to say the least, life changing. What I love most about Olympia is her presence.  She is calm, compassionate, incredibly intuitive, and has a healing energy that is undeniable.

Olympia has changed my life because she is a part of my life.  I often think of her when I am wanting to make a change, or struggling with some part of my life…What would Olympia do? How would she handle this? What ‘self-care’ has she taught me that I can do to bring myself back to a place of peace and calm, so that I can look at life objectively and be proactive, instead of subjectively and reactive.

She trusts and listens to her inner compass and I have continually noticed how she, seemingly effortlessly, obtains her goals and dreams.  Her business acumen is undeniable, and yet subtle. I am so impressed with her business savvy and I know without a doubt that her class can help anyone reach a new level of abundance if they are willing to truly make a commitment to themselves.  I know Olympia will make a commitment to them.

Lynne Ehrlich, Business Systems Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Most graduates experience more than 2-4 times INCREASE in INCOME within 2-6 months.  Some experience 5-10 times increase in income.

  • Charge what you are WORTH and FEEL GREAT about it! It’s higher than most graduates had imagined they could charge until they realized that they are worth it and that they give massive value – which is priceless!
  • You are EMPOWERED with CHOICE –
    • The power to CHOOSE your SECURE FINANCIAL FUTURE  on YOUR TERMS, in alignment with your values, on purpose, with passion. 
    • Choose to have COMPLETE WEALTH in ALL areas of LIFE: Money, Health, Relationships, Career, Spirituality & Personal Growth
  • Start living in your birthright of SUSTAINABLE Financial Freedom, AND the Health, Wealth & Happiness that comes with it
  • MONEY ON DEMAND – You can Freely GENERATE INCOME with the UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE that you will be able to make money to more than fulfill your needs. You have the Abundance codes.
  • You HAVE the TIME to do what makes life worth living 
  • A new Money Story that is a LOVE STORY that serves you.  Your money now works harmoniously for you.
  • Primal heart-filled sense that you MATTER, and  have INVALUABLE GIFTS to share with the world

“What You’ve Already Tried” in terms of improving your wealth and money mindset is probably one of two pathways:  either you have followed a book or program in what we call “practical” wealth building (usually involving investment, or other financial habits of prosperous people) or in “miracle mindset” abundance (typically involving will power, visualization, affirmations ad nauseum, refuting scarcity, etc.).

Both types of training are only partially successful at changing your mind about money BECAUSE THE MIND IS ONLY ONE OF 3 SOURCES OF THE MONEY PROGRAMMING VIRUS!!!  You can’t have wealth without the right mindset – the thoughts, feelings, and actions that produce money.  The problem is that the strict practical financial advice (investing) doesn’t work very well if you haven’t cleared the underlying deep-rooted SOURCES of the money problem which are in the MINDSET, BODYSET, and HEARTSET.   We call the mindset/ bodyset/heartset problem “THE VIRUS,” and you can’t clear that WHOLE virus if you address it only on the level of “the mind,” that is, only on the intellectual or brain level.  

You can’t clear the virus and experience the right mindset without clearing “the Virus” on all 3 levels (mind/heart/body). This Women Choose Wealth program is about CLEARING the virus of “self-sabotage” on ALL 3 LEVELS.  This sabotage is not your fault – it’s because you live inside the conversations of money that 99% of us have about money.  

REPROGRAMMING the virus CHANGES EVERYTHING about you, your money and your ability to SUSTAINABLY make it, keep it, spend it, invest it, and give it away!

AAAAAND  you also learn how to RECONNECT WITH YOUR FEMININE MONEY SUPERPOWERS of Intuition, Receiving, Community, Support, and the list goes on.  Living in your naturally Feminine power sets you up for Big success that has been waiting for you, and sharing your riches with loved ones and giving back.

Women’s wealth is different than the traditional demonstration of wealth because it’s so much more than just about cars, houses, toys.  It’s about EXPERIENCES (travel, free time, loved-ones time) and RELATIONSHIP (women’s ideas about what to do with wealth always involve other people – loved ones, neighbors, charity, community).  Women are wired for community, sharing, and receiving. Once their wealth is reset, they can get on with their lives making contributions that matter, changing other peoples’ lives, enriching their own lives, and being fully alive.

We are going to help you thoroughly RESET your money programming on all three levels – the mind, the heart, and the behavior that produces wealth naturally.  By so doing we will be able to pinpoint where and how the “99% virus” is affecting you and the methods that are most effective for you in clearing your system back to what I call “factory settings.”

Factory Settings is who are are before you had all the negative programming heaped on you, weighing you down, holding you back, and misleading you.  It’s the place where all is well and everything is possible again. It’s you naturally receiving wealth, being comfortable with wealth, receiving wealth and having a BFF relationship with wealth.  Saying yes please, I’ll have another helping.

It’s your HAPPY PLACE you didn’t remember you have!

Our proven proprietary system is unprecedented! There is simply nothing else like it that works as well, as as thoroughly, and as quickly.  We have combined science-based techniques, unconscious mind leading-edge modalities, neuroplasticity (training your brain), somatics, and state-of-the-art body modalities.  Plus some super secret sauce that will be revealed in the program.

A major differentiator of our system involves RESETTING WEALTH IN ALL AREAS of life (Money, Health, Relationships, Career, Spirituality, and Personal Growth), not just money!  After the reprogramming, creating balance and harmony that is your natural state of existence. From this place, wealth blossoms.

PLUS you get something no other program has – ME and all my 35 years of real-world experience and genius in business, money, the mind, the body, and the heart.  

One example is to finally confidently decide to charge a higher price that is congruent with the value of work being done – and in full alignment and joyous about it.  Another example is being able to have harmonious work/life balance, feel awesome about it, and savor each moment – devoid of feeling guilty or stressed about it as so many women do.  

Another thing we hear from clients is that they make a lot more money, more easily and sustainably – the struggle and resistance is gone.  In addition, we hear that clients keep more of the money they make, make wiser choices about money, set priorities easily with money, and invest and spend it wisely.  They feel like they are able to trust themselves with money and feel comfortable living with a new found wealth. Giving back to meaningful causes, making a difference in the world, is a high value for our students.

Every moment you invest in yourself through this course is Setting you up for Success to have the Life You Crave, The Relationships You Want, and The Health You Need are all fueled by the Business you build. And that business is fueled by you being COMFORTABLE MAKING MONEY, and RESETTING you back to your original Healthy FACTORY SETTINGS.  Factory Settings are reached by reprogramming your Mind, Heart, and Body (the sources of your money blocks) back to who you were before the programming was heaped on you –  this opens the doors to your TRUE WEALTH. The Same Program that drives Health also determines Wealth. The time invested in this course is probably the HIGHEST ROI you have ever gained, and it keeps on multiplying.

Working  through the live program in real time, I’d recommend between 5-8 hours per week to watch the training, complete the activities and attend the group coaching call that I personally host each week.

However, if you’re unable to carve out that much time at first, don’t worry Sister!  I got your back.  You get lifetime access to the training, so you can easily work at your own pace and reap the EPIC results.

The Live course runs Jan 21, 2020 – Mar 12, 2020 

Rest assured, all lessons and Q&A sessions will be recorded and available to you for ever.  Whether you are traveling, have other life commitments or life happens in unscheduled ways, it’s all ok. You will have access to what you need, when you need it.

You should join now IF you are so tired these experiences AND you are READY FOR THE PROGRAM THAT WILL UPLEVEL YOUR LIFE AND BUSINESS:

  • Not checking enough things off your BUCKET LIST
  • UNDEREARNING (even though you make good money – it comes at a price to you and your soul), and not having sustainable income and a business that you can rely on AND in which you have the TIME FREEDOM and FINANCIAL FREEDOM to joyfully take time off and have your company still working for you like a well oiled machine, as you sip pina coladas on the BEACH IN HAWAII WATCHING THE DOLPHINS PLAY
  • Being OVERWHELMED, being Overworked and OVERSERVING
  • Feeling Stuck, Working too Hard and too Long Hours with no end in sight
  • Not having enough ME TIME,
  • MISSING OUT on your life and watching your DREAMS pass you by (FOMO is really happening for you),
  • Not having QUALITY TIME with loved ones,
  • NOT TRAVELLING to your HEART’S content
  • Feeling like a SLAVE to your business
  • Not GIVING BACK as much as you want to give back to those in need
  • Can’t remember the last time you read a great book for pleasure?

Why would you wait when you could be Making More, Working Less, and Living Free when you could start today?   If you are ready now, let’s do this together. I promise it will be fun and filled with the changes you desire.

Your time is NOW!

Schedule a call. I promise to answer your questions in a safe place without being salesy so that you can make the best decision for you.


Feel free to email me personally 


Peace of Mind Money Back Guarantee:


If you just need a bit more reassurance that this is the right program for you … One that takes away all risk and makes it a no-brainer decision for you to choose your birthright of wealth … I want to give you EVERY opportunity to uplevel your life and your business to where you are meant to be and implement my proven proprietary system for yourself. That’s why I’m giving you 14 days to go through the trainings, attend the coaching sessions, get feedback and implement it into your life and business! THIS GUARANTEE HONORS BOTH OF US. 

If you reach out to me within those 14 days AND you show me that you have done the work (you know that to see the results you crave, you will need to do the work) and you want a refund, I will return 100% of your investment.

Women Choose Wealth is specifically designed for women who are committed to themselves and their purpose.  WCW is committed to you!

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